The Art Of Sound Design
Diving into the question: Is sound design an art?

Avast and Away!
Disney's magic manages to bring out the kid in everybody for the animated feature "Treasure Planet"...

The Matrix Makers
One year, two sequels and a revolution in moviemaking...

The history of Danetracks begins with the story of one man, our company’s president and founder. Academy Award winning sound designer Dane A. Davis was born quietly in La Mesa California in the late fifties. From then on he was always noisy. He was always excited about making noise. In early adolescence Dane borrowed reel to reel tape recorders and experimented with ways to use them improperly. Other than his Grandfather’s clarinet, his access to legitimate musical instruments was very limited so he built and converted various illegitimate mostly unplayable instruments to use in conjunction with partially disassembled tape decks. His mother moved him into the garage where he lived noisily for more than a decade. In high school he began making super-8 movies which became a good excuse to keep making seemingly purposeless audio assemblages that now had a purpose as movie soundtracks. This purpose took him through the film school of California Institute of the Arts where he confronted modular synthesizers and many new noise producing tools. While making his own films there he continued to create soundtracks for student films and eventually mixed most of the films being made at the school. After matriculation into the real world Dane continued making mostly non-musical soundtracks for experimental short films and started working as a sound editor on various longer film projects. In 1986 he founded Danetracks in Hollywood in a closet of the company he worked for during the day as a sound transfer operator. As more sound design and editing work for low-budget independent movies passed through his closet, he eventually quit his day job. Danetracks continues on today, having grown over the years to encompass several supervising sound editors, sound designers and a team of great editors, engineers and operations team. Our talent pools combined credits span over 200 feature films, commercials TV ad campaigns, video games, documentaries and special venue projects.